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Oral care that makes you feel good..


Less worry. More smile.

YOU started with one simple idea: both you and your teeth deserve better.

YOU is dedicated to making your oral care journey easy and enjoyable while helping tidy up the mounts of misinformation present around oral care.

We decided to take it to the next level by creating products that contain thoughtfully-curated ingredients so you don't have to adjust to what they're offering but be able to choose what's effective and ultimately good for YOU.

Our Story

After conducting extensive research for over a year, our team, at YOU, discovered a lot of things but the most important thing was that maintaining proper oral health is really essential because of how it affects our overall health.

We strive to raise awareness about the ingredients we consume, their effects on us, and how comfortable we have become with almost anything we use to take care of our teeth.

We wanted to create something so full of goodness, that you wouldn't need to worry about any of the bad stuff. And, that's exactly what we did! 

YOU was created by infusing the power of naturally-driven ingredients to bring a brighter and healthier smile to your face.

We're here for 
your Smile.

We limit the extras and remove anything questionable - No Artificial Colours., No Artificial Flavours, No Artificial Sweeteners, No animal derived ingredients, No Gluten, No parabens, and No SLS. It was important for us to build a business with values.  We believe in: Creativity, Quality, Affordability, transparency and NO BS

Our Values

It was important for us to build a business with values. 
We believe in : 
Creativity, Quality, Affordability, transparency and NO BS
  • Quality beyond compare

  • Affordability for all

  • Creativity with care

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